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We provide most popular HVAC repair services in San Diego and surrounding areas. Ductless Mini-Split Systems, Heat Pumps, Air Duct Installation And Cleaning, Thermostats etc.


Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Do you need heating and cooling for your home, but you don't have any ductwork? There's a solution for you that won't break the bank: ductless air conditioning. HVAC Experts can answer all of your questions on costs, available makes and models, and more.



The importance of the thermostat for home comfort is often overlooked. Your heating and air conditioning system is regulated by the thermostat, but older models often don’t provide the desired level of control or performance. HVAC Experts Inc provides high quality thermostats in San diego and surrounding areas with the latest and most innovative technology.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer numerous benefits that make them an excellent choice for home heating and cooling. Contact HVAC Experts San diego to learn more about heat pump installation in San diego and surrounding areas.


Air Duct Installation And Cleaning

Did you know air duct cleaning is essential for a healthy home? HVAC Experts Inc provides duct installation and cleaning services in most areas of San diego.

Whether you need air conditioning installation or heating repair, or have any other issues with your HVAC, we can help you.